Current Projects & Goals

These are the current projects/goals being utilized to inspire my choices for JTFRecipes:
  • Weekly Recipe 2018: Minimum of one recipe posted per week.
  • 52 Weeks of Cooking 2018: This challenge is on Reddit's /r/52weeksofcooking. Because of time and dietary limitations at the beginning of the new year,  my first recipe of the challenge was posted in March. One of the goals will be to catch up on all weeks, while keeping up with the current week starting March 5th. In addition, I added a personal meta goal for all recipes to be paleo (hopefully Whole30) compliant. Recipes that are part of this challenge are tagged as '52weeks18' and have a link to the week on Reddit at the bottom of the recipe.
  • Around the World: Using a random generator of all countries, each week, I'm posting a 'primal-friendly' version of a traditional meal either from or inspired by that country. These will be tagged as 'atw18'. The specific country will be included at the bottom of the recipe.